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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yule Boutique: Pacific Lutheran University

I get to take a mental sigh this week and know that I am being backed by capable hands. My booth buddy this week is my DAD! He's the greatest dad on the planet. ALWAYS, ALWAYS there when I need him. When he helps me set up it's always in record time because he's a doer ...that's where I get it from!

So Dad and I will be at PLU's Yule Boutique on Saturday. Be sure to say "Hi Rolly" if you see us! We'll be in the Country Fair room this time, a change from last year. The shoppers there are fantastic and the show is a good match for those who are looking to get some serious checkmarks off their Holiday Shopping List.

Tacoma here I (and dad, and Smigel) come!

note: always pictures is my dad's dog Zaire, R.I.P.

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