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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scarf of the Month JUNE!

Pom Pom Boa

Materials: Scrap Yarn, Pom Pom Maker, Crochet Needle, Scissors

Skills: Basic Crochet Chain


1. Gather scrap yarn. Pick as many colors as you would like. They can coordinate, match or be every different color you ever wanted in a scarf!

2. Make pom poms. You can you any use any pom pom maker from a craft store, or even a piece of cardboard. Just wind the yarn around, slip off and tie in the middle, then cut around the edges. You will need about 25 pom poms with a very long tail.

3. Make a chain. Use several strands of the left over yarn so the chain is thick for stability. Keep chaining until you have approximately 50 inches in length.

4. Tie on pom poms to the links of the chain, about 1.5 inches apart.

5. Finishing. You may need to trim some of the poms poms to make them even and round. Give the scarf a good shake to knock off the loose fuzz. Wrap around your neck and STRUT!


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