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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feels like team spirit!

Introducing new line of headwraps in team spirit colors. I was thinking the other day how fun it would be to make myself something to wear to a Seahawk game (assuming I could score tickets). Then my brain expanded....thinking if I would want to wear something cute in the appropriate colors, so would other fashion forward Seahawk fans and Mariners fans, and WAZZU fans and ...well, you get the idea. So, I cranked out one in every color combo I could think of. I love them and hope I get requests from fashion forward fans in others cities and states. So, here they are!

Click here to buy this headwrap

Click here to buy this Headwrap   
Click here to buy this headwrap

Click here to buy this headwrap


Friday, July 1, 2011

Scarf of the Month JULY!

Spiral Scarf

Materials: 3-5 balls of yarn. You will need more yardage with each row.

Skills: Basic chain, double crochet, triple crochet

Note: The key to this scarf is to keep multiplying the number of stitches wih each row.

Directions: 1. Gather Yarn. This can include coordinating colors like cream, beige, and brown or tone colors like multiple shades of green or blue, or any color you wish! I chose red, white and blue for this scarf to honor the holiday!

2. Chain. To decide how many chains you will need,  put the chain around your neck and continue until you have the length desired. For this scarf I chained 150 for an extra long spiral scarf.

3. Row 1: Double crochet in each chain stitch.

4. Row 2: Switch to new color and triple crochet two in every double crochet

5. Row 3: Switch to new color and double crochet two in every triple crochet

Continue in this pattern until you have the width you desire (3-5 rows). For this scarf I did four rows.